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For Auditors

PATA's organizational-level memberships (for theatre companies, dance companies, agencies, and independent theatre entities) include auditing of PATA's Unified Shakespeare & Classical Auditions and PATA's Citywide General Auditions. Individuals who do not have an organizational-level membership but who are actively casting may pay a guest auditor fee to observe auditions.

During the official registration period for auditors, there will be an AUDITORS ONLY link available in the Events section of that PATA homepage. The official registration period will end when the Office Manager's distribution of the event's document and video links are due. 

Please, email the PATA Office Manager (info@portlandtheatre.com) if you would like more information about auditing PATA's auditions.

For Actors: Info Sessions Preparing for PATA Auditions

Before registering for a PATA  auditions event, we urge you to either attend an online info session or carefully peruse the latest edition of the info packet. Ask the Office Manager if you have any questions.

Despite efforts to be comprehensive, updates to the info packet occasionally occur in response to feedback and inquiries. After Citywide General Auditions registration opens, the Office Manager will send the last version for the season to all registrants.

Although info session attendance is not required for 2022 Citywide General Auditions, PATA provides info sessions to help candidates have a smoother audition process. We strongly recommend attending at least one info session if any of the following apply:
  • You are participating in PATA audition events for the first time.
  • You have not participated in Citywide General Auditions within the past two years.
  • You are not experienced in self-tape auditions.
  • You would like to find out about changes for this year.
  • You have questions about Citywide General Auditions and/or Unified Shakespeare & Classical Auditions.

Info sessions for the 2023 auditions season are at the following times: 

  • TBD

PATA's Unified Shakespeare & Classical Auditions - ONLINE FOR 2023


Monday, January 9th, 2023: Actor submissions and Auditor registration opens

Friday, January 27th, 2023: Actor submissions close. All materials due by 11:59 PM PST.

Tuesday, January 31, 2023: Distribution of auditions spreadsheet to auditors. Auditor registration closes at 11:59 PM PST.

Eligibility Requirements: 

Individual-level membership (individual performer, student performer, theatre technician) in good standing with either PATA or Theatre Puget Sound at time of registration and on the original actors’ audition due date (January 27, 2023.) 

There is no additional fee to participate in these auditions.

Unified Shakespeare & Classical Auditions are only open to candidates age 18 or older.

Audition Format:

Overall, your video must be less than 3 minutes total.

  • In the beginning portion, your introduction a.k.a. the "slate," please include your name and pronouns. For each piece, name the character and the show title. If the author is not William Shakespeare, name the author.
  • The performance portion after the slate must be 2 minutes or less total. 
    • Your 2 minutes start with the first word of your monologue after your introductory slate
    • At least one piece must be in verse, and we recommend that at least one piece be from a Shakespeare play. 
    • Transitions between pieces are considered part of your 2 minutes.

Do not use props, costumes, or instruments. Consider your audition a job interview, so dress accordingly.

Registration & Video Submittal: 

This year we will be collecting submissions using an online form. Once you register for the event, you will receive a link to the audition submission form in your confirmation email. 

You will need to include a link to both your headshot and resume (separately) in addition to your audition video. Please email info@portlandtheatre.com if you have questions or need assistance.



PATA's Citywide General Auditions - ONLINE FOR 2023


Monday, February 27, 2023: Actor and auditor registration to open at 10 AM PST.

Friday, March 17, 2023: Actor registration closes. All materials due by 11:59 PM PDT.

Tuesday, April 11, 2023: Distribution of digital binder to auditors. Auditor registration closes at 11:59 PM PDT.

2023 Citywide General Auditions will be a digital talent binder and spreadsheet distributed to auditors. Auditors will be able to flip through the talent profiles binder, or scroll down the spreadsheet, and watch linked audition videos as they read. Auditors have expressed to PATA that they like having a “book” to page through, and several have expressed interest in considering each individual candidate’s audition. 

Eligibility Requirements: 

Individual-level membership (individual performer, student performer, theatre technician) in good standing with either PATA or Theatre Puget Sound at time of registration and on the actors’ audition due date (March 17, 2023). 

Payment of the $15 binder assembly fee.


    Online actor registration will open at 10 AM PST on Monday, February 27, 2023. Actors have until 11:59 PM PDT on March 17, 2023, to submit their audition video link, PATA profile updates, .jpg headshot >1 MB, and one-page .pdf resume .

    • PATA members: 
      1. Please, check the PATA homepage for a link in the Events section when registration opens. 
      2. Using the link to the event page, register and pay the binder fee.
      3. Check your confirmation email for a link to the audition submission form.
      4. Submit your binder materials and repertoire info via the audition form, or email them to the Office Manager by 11:59 PM PDT on March 17, 2023.
    • TPS members, please write to the PATA Office Manager (info@portlandtheatre.com) during the registration period to request your audition submission link. Include proof of membership with your request. By 11:59 PM PDT on March 17, 2023, email the Office Manager your .jpg headshot > 1 MB, your one-page.pdf resume, your repertoire description, if they were not already included in your submission.

    Binder Materials & Info

    This year’s registration form will offer PATA members the option to upload your headshot and resume for the Citywide General Auditions binder when you register. You will also have the option to enter information about your repertoire.

    If you have not uploaded your binder materials on your audition submission form, you may email your binder materials and repertoire information to the Office Manager by 11:59 PM PDT on March 17, 2023, using the subject line [First and Last name] Binder Materials.

    Specifications for headshots:

    • In .jpg format.
    • Ideally, >1MB and <20 MB
    • The file name format should be “Lastname_Firstname.jpg” and match how that information is entered in your PATA profile. Example: Little_Stuart.jpg
    • The thumbnail photo in your online PATA profile does not work for binder assembly because our database automatically reduces the picture size and quality.

    Specifications for resumes:

    • One-page
    • .pdf format.
    • <20 MB
    • Excludes your home address.
    • The file name format should be “Lastname_Firstname.pdf” and match how that information is entered in your PATA profile. Example: Little_Stuart.pdf
      Repertoire Info: For each piece you are presenting, please let us know the character name, the song or scene title if applicable, the show title, and the author(s).

        Video Formatting Requirements

        • Your audition video must be  less than 3 minutes total.
        • You must have a slate, i.e., an introduction including your name, your pronouns, and a brief description of the pieces you are presenting (character name, song or excerpt title if applicable, show title, and author).
          • Example: Hello. My name is Anna May Wong. My pronouns are she, her, and hers. I will be singing “Love Look Away” from Flower Drum Song by Rodgers and Hammerstein and David Henry Hwang. Also, I will be playing Shizuko Mizoguchi from Velina Hasu Houston’s Kokoro (True Heart).
        • The performance portion, including transitions between pieces, must be less than 2 minutes total. You may use your two minutes as you wish, however, most performers present programs in the following formats.
          • One monologue and one song (recommended)
          • Two contrasting monologues (recommended)
          • Two short songs
          • One long monologue
          • One long song
        • You may use the platform of your choice for posting your video, and the option to submit passwords for password-protected videos is available. However, most auditors find YouTube videos set to Unlisted easiest to use. An Unlisted privacy setting means that anybody who has the video link can watch the video without submitting a password, but YouTube will not go out of their way to show the video to the general public.
        • Once you have posted your video online and entered its URL into your online PATA profile in the section marked “Link to Contemporary Theatrical Audition Video,” keep it and any associated password the same between April 2, 2022, and May 6, 2022. Our Office Manager will be using that URL to link your binder page to your audition video.

        • After the 2022 Binder is done, you may change your entry anytime for “Link to Contemporary Theatrical Audition Video.” We strongly recommend you keep your 2022 Citywide Generals Audition posted online until May 7, 2023, at the URL you provided for 2022 Generals (with the same password, if applicable.) Regardless of what is in your online PATA profile, your digital binder page in the 2022 binder will link to the URL provided for 2022 Citywide General Auditions, and video passwords will not be updated.

        Need to Cancel?

        You must directly communicate your cancellation to PATA in advance for it to be considered a cancellation – even if your event is online. Your audition is an appointment, and communicating when you cannot fulfill a commitment is part of professional courtesy. 

        If you must cancel, please do so as early as possible before 11:59 PM PDT on March 17, 2023. If you fail to cancel your audition before the video due date, i.e. no-show, PATA will not refund your binder fee.

        To cancel a registration, please email the Office Manager.

        List of Auditors for 2023

        As auditors register to receive their digital binder and spreadsheet of actor profiles and video links, we will provide information about them here. After the binder goes out to the auditors, our Office Manager will email participating actors a list of participating auditors. Last update: Pending.

        For Actors: Video Tips for PATA Auditions

        Video Formatting Recommendations

        To make the process as stress-free as possible, and to enable actors to market themselves in the video format as they see fit, other formatting requirements will generally be kept open-ended. For anyone seeking guidance, you can watch the video and/or read the recommendations listed below.

        Here is a video by former PATA Education Committee Chair Erik Montague with video audition advice from 2020.

        Video Quality

        Minimum video quality: 1920 pixels x 1080 pixels.

        Make sure to have adequate lighting, so that you are clearly visible.

        Record in a quiet place to avoid distracting background noise.


        Emphasis should be on you rather than your environment. We recommend a default background of a blank wall or backdrop. However a blank background is not required.


        Landscape orientation is preferred, but portrait orientation is acceptable.

        You may frame yourself as best fits the piece being presented.

        • An intimate or quieter piece with little physical movement, or a piece geared toward filmmakers, can be framed to show only your head and shoulders.
        • If you are presenting very physical work or seeking to work with outdoor or large venues, full body or 3/4 framing from above the knees and up is recommended.
        • If you are undecided, we recommend 3/4 framing as a default.

        Editing and Cuts

        Trimming the start and end of your video to keep the emphasis on your audition is encouraged.

        Editing and cutting your video to showcase your best take of each portion (slate, piece 1, piece 2) is acceptable but not required. If you opt to edit/cut your video, we discourage edits during a song or monologue. The emphasis should be on your performance skills (instead of your editing skills).

        If you film your slate and/or performances separately, edit them together to create one seamless video to make viewing easier for the auditors. While our database and the binder can accommodate having multiple links in one blank, it turns out the Excel spreadsheet that some auditors like to use cannot.

        Video Distribution Platform

        You may use the video distribution platform of your choice. Although the option is offered to have a password for password protected videos, we strongly recommend that you adjust the settings of your video to enable anyone with the link to view it. Entering a password would be an additional step for our auditors.

        Some platforms (such as YouTube) offer the option to set a video to “unlisted,” which means the platform does not suggest publicly to viewers that they watch the video. However, recipients of the video’s URL can view it.

        Note that some platforms (such as YouTube) do not allow viewers to download videos. Other platforms (such as Vimeo) allow viewers to download videos if the person who posted the video has an account upgrade enabling them to make videos downloadable. Making your video downloadable is not required, but enables auditors to save and re-watch your video, even if you have deleted it.


        We recognize that due to social distancing measures, access to an in-person in-the-moment accompanist will be difficult if not impossible for many candidates. Therefore, the requirement to work with an accompanist in-person in-the-moment will be waived for 2022 Citywide General Auditions.

        Instead, we very strongly recommend that singers sing with a pre-recorded instrumental accompaniment such as a karaoke track.

        Accompanying yourself or singing a capella, while allowed, are not recommended. Auditor consensus has been that these methods do not provide the information they need to determine whether to cast you for a musical. If you wish to play your own accompaniment, record the accompaniment separately, and then sing along with the recording.

        When recording your audition, place your music player and yourself at distances from your recording device such that neither drowns out the other.

        Wardrobe & Appearance

        • The Citywide General Auditions are like a job interview, so your attire should reflect your professionalism.

        •  Avoid distracting clothes: jewelry, uncomfortable or noisy shoes, loud patterns, torn jeans, T-shirts, etc.

        • Avoid wearing solid black, solid white, and small patterns. 

        • Style your hair in a way that keeps it out of your eyes.

        Theatre Puget Sound's Unified General Auditions

        Did you know? Through a reciprocity agreement, an individual performer membership or student performer membership in the Portland Area Theatre Alliance includes eligibility to audition at Theatre Puget Sound's Unified General Auditions (provided other TPS eligibility requirements are also met).

        2022: According to PATA's most recent communication with TPS, they are still gathering information to determine when to have their UGA. 

        Dance Wire Citywide Dance Auditions

        TBD. Check https://dancewirepdx.org/city-wide-dance-audition/ for updates.

        Portland Area Theatre Alliance

        (503) 449-6270


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