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ASL SUPPORTED & LAST INFO SESSION for PATA's 2021 Citywide General Auditions Online

  • 13 Mar 2021
  • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Zoom Online
  • 87



Although info session attendance will not be required for 2021 Citywide General Auditions eligibility, PATA is providing info sessions online to help candidates have a smoother audition process. We strongly recommend that you attend at least one info session if any of the following apply to you:

  • You are participating in Citywide General Auditions for the first time.
  • You have not participated in Citywide General Auditions within the past two years.
  • You are not experienced in self-tape auditions.
  • You would like to find out about changes for 2021.
  • You have questions about PATA's Citywide General Auditions and the Unified Shakespeare Auditions.

If you are unable to attend an info session or choose to skip info sessions, the latest edition of the 2021 info session packet (21 pages) will be available for download at the Auditions page. Please, read it carefully, and inquire with the Office Manager if you have any questions.    

If you have a preexisting PATA account as a contact or member, please make sure that your account settings allow you to receive all PATA emails. The Zoom link will be sent to registrants via mass email prior to the event. 

Why is attending an info session so important? Citywide General Auditions follow a very strict format, and we would like candidates to be ready to show their best work to the auditors. Info sessions cover important logistical topics such as:

  • What to expect before, during, and after your audition.
  • How to prepare your audition monologue(s), slate, and musical sheets.
  • Deadlines and formatting guidelines for getting your headshot, resume, and video link into the binder.
  • Specific guidelines: what to bring, how to dress, your pre-monologue intro, etc.
  • What PATA does throughout the PDX theatre community.
  • How to participate in our PATA's auditions and workshops.
  • Who attends and other opportunities from the Generals.

In addition, several auditors and theatre professionals will be available as a panel to address questions about monologues or song choice, headshots & resumés, and anything else that may come up.

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